An Ode to Parents

My parents are so amazing. An indisputable fact. Both of my parents are inspiring, each in their own way. My parents would do about anything to make something I want to do happen. I am so blessed that I have such caring, dedicated, and hardworking parents.

My dad is one of the most loving people I know. Not necessarily in the touchy-feely sort of way, but in that he works tirelessly to make my dreams reality. Not only does he work a full-time job but he also works several off duty jobs to help me pay for my education and activities. He supports me in every possible way he can. While he is always there for a hug or a good talk, he also does so much for my life behind the scenes. Many times this goes unrecognized. I try to express my gratitude as much as possible, but whether I say it or not, the appreciation is always there. My dad is also incredibly passionate about people. In a profession that is essentially thankless, he cares about the people he serves so deeply. He always takes the extra second (or minute or hour) to talk and listen to someone who other people may often dismiss. It’s also incredible to see my dad interact with his mother. My grandfather died a year and a half ago, and my dad has never ceased to take care of his mother. My grandma is a kick-ass, fearless woman, and he always makes sure to include her in his plans. Whether it’s going to Vegas, to Sam’s Club, or making delicious food together, seeing them spend so much quality time together has set such a great example in my life for the importance of family.


My mom is one of the most passionate people I know. She is extremely intuitive and this intuition guides her life in many ways. An immensely spiritual and religious person, my mom has started her own business where she leads retreats and SoulCollage check them out here. Her entrepreneurial spirit never ceases to amaze me. She is extremely creative, ambitious, and confident. My mom and I have a relationship like not many other mother-daughter relationships, a purposefully created relationship, planned out with a lot of thought. She knew the type of relationship she wanted to have with her daughter from the start. She has raised me (with lots of help from my dad) in an environment that taught me to be confident, accepting of myself and others, and intellectually curious (among so many other things). She always listens (or at least pretends to listen) when I need to talk or think out loud (which is a lot). She helps me make decisions both big and small. And she always insists, no matter how resistant I am, on a hug and kiss before I leave. She is too cool and incredible to capture in any one post.


I have been raised in environment where my parents would do anything for me. But, not everyone has had this experience. Parents are such a critical part of a child’s life, and I am so lucky that my parents took that part so seriously. So, a huge shout out to all the wonderful parents out there! You guys rock!




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